If your workers are moving from one company who uses Workhub to another, they can have their compliance for all our default courses copied over.  

A compliance copy will include any completed Online Training course work and any completed Orientations. If an Online Training course is only partially complete, any lessons within that course that have been completed will still copy from their previous accounts to their new account.

There are items that are not included in a Compliance Copy. We do not transfer any personal or organizational information including Procedures, Policies, Bulletins, and Competencies. None of the custom courses created by a company a worker has previous worked for will copy to their new company.

We also do not copy Certificates between accounts. The rationale behind this is that the criteria for granting a Certificate in Workhub is determined by the discretion of an administrator or administrative team rather than a standardized set of criteria that is applied across the board. Because we have no way to assure that those criteria are equivalent, we do not transfer Certificates.

For example, a Certificate Type within Company A might be called Forklift Training and have a, b, and c as criteria. Company B may also have a Certificate Type called Forklift Training but their criteria may be x, y, and z.

Compliance copies are limited to customer on a Standard plan, and are not available to free plan accounts.

For a walkthrough of how to request a compliance copy for a Worker in your organization, you can have a gander at our related Help article Requesting a Compliance Copy.

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