In Workhub: 

From the Admin portal, click on the Surveys icon. 

You may notice that there are already sample surveys in the system. These were created from templates (lists of suggested survey questions found from various sources on the Internet). These are really only meant as starting points for building your survey(s). Depending on which survey type you are interested in, feel free to:

  1. Delete an existing survey

  2. Edit an existing survey in the list (click on the survey name in the list)

  3. Create a new survey from another template (click on Add New Survey, then select the appropriate template)

  4. Create a new survey from scratch (click on Add Survey then click on Start from Scratch)

Regardless of whether you choose 2, 3 or 4 from the list above, you will eventually arrive at the Survey Details screen, which provides a list of Survey Questions. Here you can:

  1. Rename the survey

  2. Select the frequency of the survey (“One Time” is not a choice, but can be accomplished by making the survey inactive after a certain period of time)

  3. Turn the survey on for the assigned positions (From the Assignments tab)

  4. Survey Questions tab - Add, remove or change the sort order of the questions

  5. Positions tab - Assign the survey to positions as either optional or required (N/A will not appear)

  6. Worker Compliance tab – lookup who has completed the survey (among those that are assigned)

If in #4 above, you decide to add or modify a survey question, simply click on the question in the list. This will take you to the Question Details screen. Here you can:

  1. Change the text of the question (a positive statement that the workers can either agree with, disagree with, or anything in between)

  2. Turn on or off the question (inactive questions will not appear in the survey)

  3. Survey Score tab - View the average and range of responses to the question (by quarter). Note: To protect the confidentiality of the first few respondents, you will not be able to see scores until at least three workers have completed the survey (since you can see who has completed the surveys, and if only one worker responded, you would know their ratings).

  4. Comments tab – View the comments left by respondents for the survey question. The worker's name will appear only if they check the box that says Please have someone contact me… at the bottom of their survey.

Once you’ve turned on the survey and assigned it to positions, it will be visible to workers in their Portal (presuming they’ve been given permission to My Surveys – which by default all positions should have.

They can access it by clicking the Suveys icon from the Dashboard, which indicates how many surveys need to be completed. 

It is also recommended you send out a Bulletin (from within the software) around about the time you turn on the survey, explaining:

  1. What the survey is for

  2. That the results will be available within the portal (to respondents, on a summary basis)

  3. That the scores and comments are submitted anonymously

  4. The frequency at which you plan on conducting the survey (if applicable)

  5. Who they should contact if they have any questions or concerns

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