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Creating and Administering Surveys
Creating and Administering Surveys

How to create and view surveys.

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To create a Survey:

Start on your Admin dash and click on the Surveys icon. 

You may notice that there are already sample surveys in the system. These were created from templates (lists of suggested survey questions found from various sources on the Internet). These are really only meant as starting points for building your survey(s). Depending on which survey type you are interested in, feel free to:

  1. Delete an existing survey

  2. Edit an existing survey in the list (click on the survey name in the list)

  3. Create a new survey from another template (click on Add New Survey, then select the appropriate template)

  4. Create a new survey from scratch (click on Add Survey then click on Create Survey)

Regardless of whether you choose 2, 3 or 4 from the list above, you will eventually arrive at the Survey Overview screen. Here you can:

  1. Create a name for the Survey.

  2. Toggle the Survey between Inactive and Active. Only Active Surveys will appear to Workers.

  3. Select the Frequency of the survey (“One Time” is not a choice, but can be accomplished by making the survey inactive after a certain period of time)

  4. Set the number of Required Responses to be able to see the results of the Survey.
    - setting a number of responses before the results are visible helps maintain anonymity of respondents. If only one person has responded and their responses are visible, they may fear that loss of anonymity or repercussions.

  5. Add any Notes to Survey Respondents you deem appropriate.

  6. Add Questions button - Add, remove, or change the order of the questions asked in your Survey

The Add Question button will take you to a very basic screen. You will have a Survey Question field to fill in with a character maximum of 200. (When creating your questions, it's best to choose a positive statement that Workers can agree with, disagree with, or anything between.)
You will also see a toggle for Inactive/Active. For your question to appear in the survey, make sure the toggle is set to Active. When you're satisfied with your questions, hit the Save Question button in the top right corner of your window.

In the middle of the Survey Overview screen, you will see a list of the questions within your Survey.

  • Using the symbol on the left of each listing under the Sort column, you can click and drag the questions in the list to reorganize them.

  • The Active column will show you if the question is Active and included in the Survey.

  • The Average Score column will show you the average rating for the question by respondents once the minimum number of Required Responses has been reached.

  • If any trend in the data has been established after multiple response periods, the Trend column will display an upwards green arrow or a downwards red arrow.

  • The Comments column will display a number for the total number of comments added for that question.

If you click into a particular question in your Survey, you'll be able to see question-specific data including a line graph to indicate the trends in responses over the time intervals you've chosen for your question, and beneath that any comments that have been left. If you have set a minimum number of responses for comments to be shown, you may instead see a box with a Note that says, "There are insufficient responses in the current period to be maintain sufficient anonymity for commenters. Comments for the current period will be displayed once enough responses are received."

After adding at least one question to you Survey, you will be able to hit Save Survey in the top right corner of the Survey Overview screen.

Finally, at the bottom of the Survey Overview page, you'll see a line graph like the one in the question screen displaying the overall rating across the entire Survey.

To Assign Surveys:

Once you've successfully saved your Survey, the Assignments tab at the top of the Survey Overview screen will unlock. In that screen, you'll be able to choose the Positions you want to assign the level of requirement for their assignment.

  • N/A: this assignment will hide the Survey from view

  • Optional: this level will allow Workers to see the Survey but it will not be listed as something they need To Do.

  • Required Low-Critical: any of these levels will list the Survey as mandatory To Do for the Workers in that Position.

After setting your assignments, make sure you hit Save Assignments in the top right corner of your screen.

Once you’ve turned on the survey and assigned it to positions, it will be visible to workers in their Portal (presuming they’ve been given permission to My Surveys – which by default all positions should have.

They can access it by clicking the Surveys icon from the Dashboard, which indicates how many surveys need to be completed. 

It is also recommended you send out a Bulletin (from within the software) around about the time you turn on the survey, explaining:

  1. What the survey is for

  2. That the results will be available within the portal (to respondents, on a summary basis)

  3. That the scores and comments are submitted anonymously

  4. The frequency at which you plan on conducting the survey (if applicable)

  5. Who they should contact if they have any questions or concerns

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