The Audit Standard component allows administrators to enable an audit protocol (safety, quality, food safety, etc.) and track compliance with each bullet within the protocol.

This tool allows an organization to:

  1. Compare your existing program with a target protocol (and assess for gaps or shortcomings)

  2. Perform an internal review (required annually for some audit protocols)

  3. Organize documentation for a 3rd party (external) auditor (and allow quick and easy access)

Click on the blue Admin link in the top-right corner of the screen.

and Monitoring >> Audit Standards in the menu.

By default, there are no audit protocols enabled for new accounts (the audit standards which you work toward will generally depend on your industry and jurisdiction).

To enable an audit protocol in the system, click on the Add Audit Standard button:

The system will present you with a list of all standards/protocols available in the system.

NOTE: If you do not see an audit protocol/standard for your industry or jurisdiction, please send a support request or email to with a link to the website where the complete list of requirements may be obtained. We will upload the standard in a timely manner.

Place a checkmark next to the audit standard you wish to enable, then click the Add Selected Audit Standard button.

NOTE: Any audit protocol can be disabled at any time by clicking on the audit standard in the list of Audit Standard Objectives, then clicking Disable Audit Standard.

  1. Enter notes (what systems you have in place, progress being made, plans, explanations, etc.)

  2. Update the status (as either Compliant, Not Applicable or Deficient)

  3. Link to web pages (such as policies, training videos, certificates, compliance reports) in the safety management system

  4. Upload documents (such as spreadsheets, Word or PDF documents) in the event you are not using the online system to manage food safety

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