Enabling email notifications is an important part of getting started with SafetySync. Hold off enabling these unless you are ready to launch SafetySync to your workers, otherwise they'll begin receiving emails without even knowing how to login!

Email notifications for workers might look like what you see below:

You'll first see your overall compliance and where you are at with your various requirements along with your rank at the company. Below, in the reminder section, you'll see any upcoming requirements that are about to expire. Admins will see any responsibilities, such as certificates awaiting approval, that they need to deal with. You can simply click these links to be taken to SafetySync for more details. (What you see above is an example of a person who hasn't been paying attention to all their outstanding requirements!)

You can also choose to send email reminders to supervisors that will list their subordinates compliance and reminders. It will look similar to what you see above but each worker reporting to the supervisor will be listed line after line.

To get started with email reminders....

1. Click on the blue Admin link in the top-right corner of the screen

and click Monitoring >> Components in the menu.

2. Select the option at the top named Safety System Monitoring.

3. On the next page you'll see the following options:

4. Enable emails for workers and supervisors of your choice on the frequency you desire. You can also choose what day of the week to send them out and the time of day. Try to time them just right for when you know they'll have downtime or are just arriving at the office. Don't forget to save your changes when you're done.

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