Credentials filters allow you to create and save a filter for various safety requirements that workers may need to go to a field location or site owned by a Prime Contractor. You can use this tool to filter your worker list to only show workers who are compliant with the requirements you have specified. Their requirements can be Online Courses, Competencies, Certificates, Policies, Procedures and Orientations. You can also further filter your list by location, position, worker type, or greenhand status. You can use this filter at any time, or add the requirements and save your filter for future use so it is also available to you or other admins at your company.

1. You'll want to start on the Admin side of your company. Click Go to Admin if you are not there already.

Then, click on Workers from the dashboard.

and select the tab Credential Filters

2. Click the "Add Credential Filter" button

3. Next name your filter so you can use it later without recreating it

4. Use the Filters to assign filters if needed.

Filters can be made by division, location, position, greenhand status and worker type.

5. Click "Add Requirement"

6. You can then select the type of requirement

and then select the specific requirement within the chosen category

Please repeat this process to add additional requirements.

7. Press the Save Credential Filter button to save the filters.

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