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From your Admin portal, select Certificates 

Then click Add Certificate,

This will bring a pop-up box with some certificates template. To create a certificate which is not in this list, select Other, then click continue

  • Rename the Certificate to whatever you call it in your organization (e.g. H2S Alive).

  • Change the default expiry date (if the default is not correct).

  • If you have an institution where you usually send people (ex. St. John's Ambulance), you can enter the institution, phone #, website and blanket PO. [This saves data-entry time later when scheduling a training session for an employee.]

  • If you want employees to call and arrange their own training, check the box next to “Share with Employees”

  • If you want to send workers to various orientations providers like Complyworks enter the link here and paste the Orientation code under Blanket Purchase Order#.

  • You can enter Special Instructions on logging in and downloading your completion ticket here.

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