A "Training Certificate" is proof that you have satisfactorily completed a course offered either by a 3rd party or internally (that cannot be offered online through the system - such as First Aid training, which has a hands-on training component).

Training certificates will either be assigned to your position as "required" or "optional". Only the "required" certificates affect your compliance.

Note: Scan documents first; before entering any completed certificates, you must have a scanned document in order to save the certificate (and submit for approval).

  • Preferably use a color scanner (some colors do not appear clearly in black and white).

  • Workhub will allow you to rotate your certificate upon upload.

  • Do not worry about whitespace above/below/beside your certificates. The software allows you to crop the image.

To access the list of training certificates assigned to your position, either click on the "Certificates" button on your dashboard

This will take you to a list of training certificates:

Click on the certificate name for which you wish to upload a new document. This will allow you to enter the details for the certificate:

By default, the certificate name, recommended course provider, and current date will populate those fields; you may change them as necessary. If you do not have the certificate in front of you and cannot recall the certificate #, institution, expiry date, etc, Drag the File into the box or click "Browse Computer" and upload your certificate. It will appear on the screen for your reference.

Remember to save your changes before navigating to another screen.

Note: Certificates uploaded in My Portal will not show compliance until an administrator has reviewed the image / details and approved the certificate.

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