You may have tried on several occasion as an Admin to try out the new features as they're released on Workhub. Well, look no further! This article will guide you on how to turn on these permission so it's both on the Worker and Admin side of things. So let's get started.

This article will be using Behaviour Observation Module as an example which will be applicable for all other features.

From your admin side, click on Positions and then select the position you want to enable this for. Click on Edit Default/Set permission depending on whether the permission type.

This will bring up a new page, under the Employee Portal Component>> Behavior Observations check the boxes to give that position either View/Insert permissions as desired and then save permission.

If you wanted to give Admin permissions to that position, then scroll down that page to Admin Portal Components.

Check the boxes to either grant View/Insert/Update/Delete permissions to that position as it pertains to administer Behavior Observations.

Don't forget to save.

Once this is done, do back to the module you just enabled permissions for and then click on Setting and toggle the button to enable it.

Then hit Save Settings.

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