Our Inspection tool has some serious integration and workflow behind the scenes. Inspections can be created for either asset category, or location and assigned minimum frequencies (like forms!). Optional settings include odometer and equipment hour readings. Workhub tracks compliance for inspections based on the frequencies you have set. The tool also identifies warnings that require administrator review, and allows workers to add photos if required by an admin. Any rejections would send notifications to critical stakeholders, and can also set the equipment as "out of service".

Let's get started. First, you'll want to select the Inspections module from your Admin Dashboard.

On the layer, click Add New, then select Inspection Type.

You will be prompted to select an inspection category from the popup. Here, you can also choose whether you wish to create an inspection from a template we have provided, or build your own from scratch.

If you start from the template, you will see a list of inspection checks pre-populated. Don't forget to add your inspection name.

On this page, you can view data for all submitted inspections. You can add filters for asset, location or date. On the right side, you can choose to enable or disable the inspection itself. You can move the inspection to any created sections, and you can add recipients of Critical Issue Email Notifications. You can also change the category the inspection belongs to, which will provide you with some category specific settings for your inspection.

From here, you can click on an inspection check to bring up the details and settings of the check, or click Add Check to add a new check to this list. You can choose to adjust the text on the check itself, or for the individual inspection check results, You can choose to disable the Warning or N/A check resultsas well if they are not applicable to your individual check. You can add Guidance tips, require comments, photos or admin approvals for each check status individually. You can also choose to send a Critical Issue Notification or Move the asset to "Out of Service" if the Fail check result is selected.

This page also allows you to view data for the individual inspection check. You can also filter by date, asset, or location here to view specific data.

To track compliance for your inspection, navigate to the Assignments & Frequency tab. On this tab, you can select whether to set your assignments & frequency by assets or locations, or both.

To view Inspections that have been completed by workers, selected the Submitted Inspections tab. You will see filters here as well to allow you to track and manage your inspection submissions. You may see a red notification button here to indicate that you have an Inspection which is pending review.

Select the Inspection from the list which you wish to review. This will allow you to see the details of the submitted Inspection.

From this page, you can also apply various actions to the submitted check results. Specific check results like a Fail, may require you to create an Action Item, which will take you to the Action Item page. You will also have to approve and check results which approvals were previously set for.

You can also change the check result here, although making a change will require you to enter a reason. You will see this updated under the comments.

Once the submitted inspection has been reviewed, and the appropriate action items have been created, you will see the Inspection status change to show Reviewed, and the warning notification will no longer appear.

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