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Video lessons will not play (black screen only)
Video lessons will not play (black screen only)

Three common reasons why videos don't play and how to fix them.

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For many versions of training videos, the system links to "unlisted" content either on the Workhub YouTube channel, or to other YouTube channels provided by government or industry associations (such as PublicResourcesOrg,WorkSafeBC, WorksaforLife, etc.). YouTube uses Adobe Flash Player or HTML5 to stream its videos, and occasionally Flash will not work properly with certain browsers or your browser might not support HTML5. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help resolve the issue of these videos not playing:

1. YouTube is blocked by your corporate firewall

This is a very common policy at large companies. You can test this by simply trying to open the site. If the site will not display, or the firewall presents a security message, talk to the IT department about either opening up your account or your computer to access YouTube. There is a help topic (link below) written specifically for opening only those videos that are required for safety training (i.e. still blocking all other YouTube content).

2. Your Flash Player version is not current

Once Adobe Flash Player is installed on your computer, it will usually try to update itself on a regular basis (which you need to allow and approve each time). If the automatic update is not selected, you should regularly check for updates and install. This can be done by opening Flash Player on your computer, clicking on the "Advanced" tab, and clicking "Check Now" under updates. Alternatively, you can also go to and simply download the most recent version.

3. Your browser is incorrectly caching a YouTube "PREF" (or some other) cookie

You can check if this is the issue by going to your browser's Internet Options, then choosing "Delete..." under "Browsing History", and selecting Temporary Internet Files and Cookies. If the videos will play the next time you try, then this is the issue. Unfortunately, clearing the history only solves this one time, as the temporary internet files and cookies get recreated each time.

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