Safety Meetings Basics for Workers

How to attend and acknowledge Safety Meetings

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As a worker, you'll be asked to attend Safety Meetings within Workhub to ensure you're up to speed on important safety topics for your workplace. Here's a guide for you on how to do your part to ensure you're attending and acknowledging what's needed.

Attending a Safety Meeting

Attending a Safety Meeting as a Worker is a piece of cake! To get started, log into your Workhub account and open up your Safety Meetings component. If there are meetings scheduled that need your attendance, you'll see them listed as Scheduled on the tile:

In Safety Meetings, you'll see a list of the previous and the upcoming meetings you've attended or are due to attend. Meetings that you have attended that don't need any more attention from you will be listed in green. Upcoming meetings will be listed in blue. Past meetings that require some action on your part will be listed in red.

If you've been listed as a possible Facilitator of a Safety Meeting Type, you'll also have a Facilitate tab along the top of your screen. You can click into that tab to facilitate a meeting, and can refer to our other Help Article on Safety Meetings for Admins to follow a guide on how to facilitate if you need some assistance!

To attend a meeting, you can click into any of the Meetings in the list. On the Meeting Overview screen, you'll see all the information from the meeting, including the Agenda/Minutes, any Topics Discussed (which can include Procedures, Incidents & Hazards, and Inspections), and any Action Items created for the meeting. You'll also be able to see the Meeting Details, which include the scheduled Meeting Date, Time, and Location, along with the Meeting Facilitator(s).

To mark yourself as Present for a Meeting, all you'll need to do is click the I'm Present button on the right side of the screen. After doing so, that bar will change to gold and will list the date and time you marked yourself as Present.

The listing in the Meeting List will also change to reflect that action.

Acknowledging a Safety Meeting

If a Facilitator has finished a Safety Meeting and Submitted it for approval by an admin, you will no longer be able to mark yourself as Present. If you miss a Safety Meeting, you're still able to Acknowledge the meeting after it's ended.

You can view all the Meetings you're listed as an attendee for from the main Meeting List. You will see the Status of Acknowledgement Required listed in red for any meeting you need to acknowledge.

Click into any Meeting that has a status of Acknowledgement Required. There will be a banner across the top of the page outlining when the meeting took place and requesting your acknowledgement. Click the Acknowledge button to do so.

Once you've done so, that bar will show that you've acknowledged the content of the meeting at that date and time.

The listing in the Meeting List will also change to reflect that action.

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