Viewing Orientations as a Worker

Accessing orientations through the Worker Dash

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Viewing the Orientations

Orientations are available to Workers so they can get up to speed with an organization's expectations before they need to be on site. To get started viewing an orientation, you can start on your dashboard and click on the Orientations icon.

The Orientations page lists the orientations that have been enabled by your safety administrator. The orientations marked Required will affect your compliance and may generate a reminder email when incomplete or coming due.

Click View Orientation to access the presentation. Once you've watched the video, you can click Take Quiz to complete the orientation if the presentation has a quiz associated with it.

Downloading your Card

Once completed, clicking Download Card in the top right corner will allow you to access your wallet card with your completed orientations listed on it.

What to do if my orientation isn't listed?

If you're looking for an orientation that isn't listed you'll need to contact your Workhub administrator. They will be able to enable it for you. If your Workhub administrator isn't available please contact us at [email protected]

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