Workhub allows administrators to upload PDF documents of their Safety Data Sheets, which will be shared with workers, depending on the locations to which those SDS's are assigned (for example, only certain shops would use certain types of chemicals).

From Workhub: 

From your Admin portal, click the SDS icon

You will land on the Material List which displays all the Materials that have been added to your account.

Then click Add New in the top right corner, and select SDS or Section Header. Then, add your Material details.

Here, you can add information about the product and any supporting files. You can also choose which locations to make this information visible to. 

Once your Material has been added you can also download Workplace Labels by clicking Download in the top right corner. This will open up a popup and you can choose the label size you prefer.

You can also view and add vendors by clicking on the Vendor List tab. This will allow you to link your vendors and materials.

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