Uploading Materials & SDS

How to create and manage your Safety Data Sheets

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Workhub allows administrators to upload PDF documents of their Safety Data Sheets, which will be shared with workers, depending on the locations to which those SDSs are assigned (for example, only certain shops would use certain types of chemicals).

From your Admin dashboard, click the Materials & SDS component

This will open a page displaying the list of materials already added to your account.

Click on the "Add New" button located in the top right corner and choose either "Add Material (SDS)" or "Add Section Header."

Material Image

If adding a material, you will have the option to upload an image for the material. This allows you to provide a visual representation of the material, enhancing clarity and recognition of the material.

Safe Handling Instructions & Details

Here, you can add all the safe handling instructions from the Manufacturer or any other essential information to promote safe practices. By providing the necessary details, such as classification, revision date, and other relevant information, you ensure that everyone accessing the material has a clear understanding of its properties and handling requirements.


To streamline accessibility, you can choose which locations within your Organization should have access to this information, This way, you can tailor the visibility of instructions based on locations.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

You can upload your SDS document here. Please note that the accepted file type here is a PDF document.

Once you have added new material, you can also download Workplace Labels. Just a simple click on the Download button in the top right corner opens up a pop-up where you can choose your preferred label size.

To enhance your material management further, the Vendor List tab allows you to view and add vendors. This feature enables the seamless linking of vendors and materials, streamlining your procurement processes.

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