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Download a worker's Online Training certificate by Worker (Admin)
Download a worker's Online Training certificate by Worker (Admin)

Export all tickets for an employee in one place.

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There are two different ways to print a course certificate in company administration: by worker and by course. The following steps will take an administrator through the process of printing a course certificate by worker. Please see "Printing Course Certificate by Course" in related topics for steps on printing a course certificate by course.

In Workhub:

From your Admin dashboard, click on Workers and select the worker you want to generate the certificate for. 

Navigate to the Compliance Tab within the Worker profile and click on the Online Training Component. This will open up a new page displaying a list of courses assigned to the Worker's Position.

Locate the desired course and click on the three vertical dots on the right-hand side. In the options provided, you'll be to View Action Log, and export Quiz Results, Wallet Card, or Certificate.

Note: Cards and certificates also contain a record of the lessons that were covered, which are meant to be displayed on the reverse side. 

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