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Getting Started with Workhub (Worker)
Getting Started with Workhub (Worker)

Signing Up, Onboarding, Launching Online Training & Adding Certificates, Reviewing Policies, Procedures and Bulletins

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Signing up to Workhub:

In order to gain access to Workhub, your Company will create a Worker Account for you. Once an Account has been registered for you by your Employer, you will receive a sign-up email which looks like this:

By clicking on "Login", you will then be sent to the Workhub landing screen and prompted to enter in some information. This includes emergency contacts, address and phone information, as well as selecting a password (if your company has not already selected a default password for you).

Once you have logged in for the first time, your account will be active and you will be able to access the Worker Dash.

If you need to Log-in again (perhaps from a different device) this can be done by navigating to and clicking on the "Sign In" button located in the top right corner.

When logged in, you will be presented with the Worker Dash, which looks like this:

You may not have some of these items on your personal Worker Dash, and that's OK! It means that your Company has only assigned certain items for you to complete.

You will notice a large (in this case, red) bar along the top of the Feature Icons; this is your compliance bar, and your goal within Workhub is to reach 100% compliance, indicating that you have taken all the required Training for your position.

Dashboard Overview:

The Worker Dashboard contains several elements, the first of which being the "Online Training" component. This is where you will complete your assigned training Lessons.

As we can see from the Dashboard, there is one Lesson "To-Do". If we click on "Online Training", we will see a list appear which contains our required Training Courses.

In this case, Tom is assigned the "All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) Awareness" Course. If I select this Course, it will then show a list of Lessons I am required to complete. The Lessons can be launched by clicking on "View Lesson", and when completed, a corresponding Quiz will become available to complete under the "Take Quiz" button.

Workers will typically be assigned both Online Training and Certificates. Usually (but not always) there will be a Certificate which corresponds to the Course taken. In Tom's case, there is one Certificate "To-Do", as we can see in the Worker Dash screenshot below.

If we click on Certificates we will then see which ones are currently required for us to complete. For Tom, he needs to upload his "All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) Awareness" Certificate into the appropriate slot, also labeled "All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)".

We will do this by clicking on that particular Certificate slot:

Once we have selected the specific Certificate we want to upload, we will be presented with the following screen:

Here, you will upload the file by either clicking on the large blue box in the center and selecting a file from your device, or dragging and dropping a file onto this same box. You will then be required to enter in the Issue Date of the Certificate in the field along the right side.

Congratulations! You have now uploaded your first Certificate, and are well on your way to 100% compliance!

Policies, Procedures, and Bulletins

Also visible on the Worker Dash are Policies, Procedure, and Bulletins, all of which function in a similar manner.

According to our Worker Dash, we have one Policy, one Procedure, and two Bulletins to view. Let's do that now.

If we select the Policies Feature, we will be presented with a list of Policies with those we are required to view located at the top:

Selecting "Getting Started with Policies" will open up a further page which will allow you to view it:

In this case, we must review this Policy for a minimum of thirty seconds before the option to Accept or Decline becomes available.

Procedures are viewed in much the same way, the major difference being that you will only need to review these for a finite period of time, rather than being required to either Accept or Decline.

If we select the Procedures feature, we will be presented with a list, much like Policies, which includes those required for us to view at the top, marked "Missing".

Clicking on this Procedure will open it, and after the review time has passed (in this case, ten seconds) you will be notified at the bottom of the screen that you have successfully reviewed the Procedure.

Bulletins will also be sent out periodically - currently Tom has one he needs to review. If we open Bulletins, we will be greeted with a now-familiar list screen;

If we select one of these Bulletins to review, we will see the content within, as well as an indicator for how long we need to review this particular Bulletin - in this case, just ten seconds!

Whew, that was a lot of information we just reviewed. Lets go back to Tom's Worker Dashboard to see how much progress we have made.

100% - already!?

Well, you may have a couple more Courses assigned than Tom, but it really is that easy! You are now familiar with the operation of the major features of Workhub, and will be able to reach 100% compliance in short order.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say Hi - there is a "Help" icon in the bottom left corner of your Worker Dashboard which will connect directly to our Support team. They can also be contacted at [email protected] or via 1-888-668-6403, should you prefer to discuss anything over the phone.

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