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Using the Whistleblower feature as a Worker
Using the Whistleblower feature as a Worker

How to use the Whistleblower tool from the worker side to report a policy breach to a specific person in your company.

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If you've experienced or witnessed something that you aren't comfortable reporting through the usual channels in your workplace, you can use our Whistleblower component to report it.

This article will guide you through how to submit a new Whistleblower report and how to access any reports you may have submitted in the past.

Submitting A New Whistleblower Report

To submit a Whistleblower report, start on your Worker dash and open your Whistleblower component.

Rather than redirecting you to a new page, this component will open a pop-up on your Worker dash. You will have the options to Submit A New Breach Report or enter a Reference Code from a previously reported breach. To start a new report, choose Submit A New Breach Report.

Note: You will need to have your unique reference code in order to access a previous report due to the anonymity of this tool. This code is generated after submitting a report.

To Submit a New Breach Report, you will need to Accept the Terms of Service.

Once Accepted, you can begin building your report.

The recipients you choose will be the only users who will have access to the report. These are chosen from a list of recipients chosen by the administrators for the account. Click Add to bring up a list of possible recipients, then click on the name of the recipient(s) you wish to add.

Once a name is selected, you will see them move to the top of the box. You can click Add Recipients when all the people you wish to receive your report have been selected. Once they have been added, you can click the red x at anytime from the report page to remove a recipient.

You can then select a Policy and Location related to the breach. If you are unsure, you can leave these fields blank.

You'll want to enter the Breach Details as this is a required field. Here you can describe the events of the Breach and add any relevant details that you want to included in your report. We encourage you to be as descriptive as possible to give as much information to the report recipients from the beginning of the report process.

You can also include any attachments, whether they are images or documents that may be relevant to this report.

Once you have built your report, you can choose to have a copy sent to your personal email. If you choose to receive a copy, enter your email address here. We recommend using an email address which is not tied to your work email. This email address will not be shared with recipients or any administrators at your company.

When all the details have been entered, click Submit in the top right corner. You will receive a message to say your report has been successfully submitted to your chosen recipients. You will be able to see if it was submitted by email and/or SMS.

This message will also include your reference number. This is number is important if you need to access your report. If you want to be able to view any comments added by the recipients of the report, or to review your submission at any time, you need to retain your Reference Number.

Reviewing your Previously Submitted Whistleblower Reports

To access any of your previous reports, you can open your Whistleblower component from your Worker dash. In the bottom portion of the pop-up, enter the reference code for your desired report. Each report has a unique code, so be sure to record the codes for each report you make.

You will be able to see your original submission and add additional breach details or attachments if necessary. You can request another copy to your personal email address if you wish.

Be sure to hit Submit in the top right corner to save the changes you have made to the report.

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