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How to submit an Inspection as a Worker
How to submit an Inspection as a Worker

How to complete an inspection that has been assigned to you from your worker dashboard.

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As a worker, you may see the Inspections component under your Ongoing Tasks on your Dashboard. This means an Admin for your organization has created and assigned an Inspection for something related to you, be that a Location or an Asset assigned to you. Here are the steps for how to complete and submit an Inspection, both from the Inspections component and from the My Assets component.

Completing an Inspection from the Inspections Component

To begin start on your Worker dash and click into your Inspections component.

This will open up to a list of your required and optional inspections. Inspections that are Past Due will appear in red, while Inspections that are Coming Due will appear in gold. You will also see bubbles at the top of your Inspection list that will allow you to quick filter the list to see to those selections.

Select the Inspection you would like to complete from the list.

Clicking on the Inspection will bring up a page populated with your previous Inspections of that type. If desired, you can click into these past Inspections, review their contents, and download a PDF copy of that Inspection.

To begin your inspection, click Start Inspection in the top right corner. A new page will open up for you with a blank Inspection.

At the top of the page, you will see a listing with either an Asset ID or a Location. You will see a button beside that that says Select. Hitting Select will open a pop-up for you to select your desired Asset ID or Location to complete your Inspection against. Once you've made your choice, the pop-up will close. If the Inspection needs more information from you based on the Asset ID or Location you chose, more options may appear along the top bar including Odometer readings or Hours.

Note: If you are completing an Inspection you accessed from your Asset component, the Asset ID field at the top should autofill with your particular Asset!

While performing the inspection, specific check results may require you to add additional comments or a photo. At the far right end of the check, you will see three icons.

  • Comment bubble: If this is listed in red, you need to add a comment to the check to be able to submit. Enter your comment in the Comment line for the check.

  • Camera: If this is listed in red, you need to add a photo to the check to be able to submit. Click the icon to do so.

  • Clipboard with checkmark: this icon will not be listed in red for a worker, but clicking it will allow you to create an Action Item for the check.

You can go through and complete the Inspection by entering the needed information for each check.

Please note that you cannot save an Inspection partially completed. Workhub will not save your progress in an Inspection, so all information needs to be entered in one go.

Once you've completed your Inspection, select Submit.

Completing an Inspection from My Assets

If you are looking to complete an Inspection for one of your assigned Assets, you can do so directly from My Assets on your Worker Dash!
To begin, start on your Worker dash and click into My Assets on the right side of the page.

A list of your Assets will populate a new page for you. You should see the Assets that you have been assigned as an Operator for here. In the Inspections column, you will see a status for the Inspections assigned for that particular Asset. Click into any of the Assets listed that you need to complete an Inspection for.

In the page that loads for your chosen Asset, you will see a box on the right side titled Related Inspections. In that box, you should see any Inspections assigned for your asset. You can click any of the Inspections listed to begin that Inspection.

You will be directed to a page with the previous submissions for that Inspection and Asset combination. In the top right corner, hit Start Inspection.

In the blank Inspection that loads, you should see the Asset ID field at the top auto-filled with your chosen Asset. If that doesn't automatically populate, or if you have chosen the incorrect Asset to do the Inspection for, you can choose Select to manually find the correct Asset.

Fill in your Inspection as usual, and hit Submit to finalize your Inspection!

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