As a worker, you may see the Inspections card under your Ongoing Tasks on your Dashboard. This means, that for a location you belong to, or an asset you have been assigned to, your Admin may have required you to complete an inspection. To submit one, first select the Inspections card from your Dashboard.

This will open up to a list of your required and optional inspections. Select the Inspection from the list.

Clicking on the Inspection, will bring up a layer where you can view other submissions you've made for this inspection, as well as submissions from other workers.

To begin your inspection, click Start Inspection in the top right corner. Here, you can select the Asset ID from the list. You may be required to add additional information like the current Odometer reading or Vehicle Hours.

While performing the inspection, specific check results may require you to add additional comments or a photo.

Once you've completed your Inspection, select Submit.

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