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Help! My Online Training course isn't working!
Help! My Online Training course isn't working!

What to do when your lessons won't register as complete and your quiz won't unlock

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Sometimes you'll be undertaking your Online Training through Workhub and the video won't play all the way through. Sometimes the video will play through, and when you go to take the quiz, it still says Not Started. Sometimes, you'll complete the quiz and it will won't register the quiz completion. It's a frustrating experience, and we understand that it isn't a constructive use of your time to have to re-watch lessons. So what the heck is going on?

When issues like this come up, it's usually a product of old data stored in your browser cache interfering with the display of the live software. The cache in your browser is sort of like a storage option for sites to deposit information for when you return to them later. This helps the pages load faster when you return to them, which helps Workhub work better.

However, this also means that if you're returning to the site and there have been small changes or the data has become outdated, there can be problems with the site loading properly! This is usually the cause for our Online Training to misbehave.

To address this problem, the fix is to try clearing your browser cache!

How to clear your browser cache:

Technically, our first recommendation isn't truly clearing your browser cache - it's forcing the browser to ignore the cached data and load only the live software. To do this, you should use the keyboard shortcut:

Shift + F5

These keys pressed together won't clear your cache but will force the browser to ignore cached data and only load live data from the website.

To truly clear your cache, to actually remove all the information for your cache, you should use the keyboard shortcut:

Ctrl + Shift + Delete

(on some keyboards, Delete will simply appear as Del). Hitting all these together will clear your browser's cache.

You can also follow any of the tutorials below to clear the cache in specific browsers:
How to Clear your Cache and Cookies in Google Chrome
How to Clear your Cache and Cookies in Microsoft Edge
How to Clear your Cache and Cookies in Safari

It is important to note that clearing your cache will remove any previously saved passwords or autofill fields in your browser!

If you don't want to lose that information, please be sure to utilize the Shift + F5 shortcut rather than fully clearing your cache.

Clearing your cache won't automatically grant you the completion you had accomplished but didn't get logged properly in the software, unfortunately. However, clearing the cache should prevent the issue from occurring again!

If you have continuous issues with your Online Training misbehaving and the cache clear hasn't done anything to change it, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance.

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