Emails not arriving

A few steps to help troubleshoot emails not being delivered to your workers.

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If you've experienced missing emails there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot.

First, head to the profile of the Worker who is not receiving emails from Workhub and click their Correspondence tab. This is a log of emails and can confirm that the email should have gone out. This log is independent of our email server, but it's consistent in the fact that any functionality that sends an email from Workhub generates an entry here.

Next, check your spam/junk folders. This is the most common issue with emails that cannot be found by a worker. If you use Gmail, emails may end up in the updates tab as opposed to your primary tab.

Next, if you have the correct Permissions, you can try sending a bulletin to just yourself. You can do this by selecting your location and position and posting a bulletin, or by choosing the Send Me a Copy option when creating a Bulletin. If you have multiple people in your own position they can let you know if they received an email. Bulletins should arrive within a few minutes at most.

As a last resort, we can search our outgoing log of emails to ensure they left our server. If it comes to this, you'll need to let us know the exact time the email should have gone out. Searching our logs is difficult so the closer we can narrow down the time difference the easier it will be for us.

Prior to using email reminders in Workhub it's good practice to ask your IT department to whitelist our domain. It's certainly possible that your company's spam filters are blocking our emails before they even arrive to your inbox.

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