We use alphanumeric sorting for our sections. This has a few effects on how you need to organize your sections.

For example, you may have a section called Management Policies, let's give that a section of "1"

1. Management Policies
          1.01 Management Commitment

You'll notice that the first policy under that is not 1.1, but 1.01. I could set it as 1.1 but when I get to 10 instead of the 10 coming after the 9 it will insert itself between 1.1 and 1.2. That's because in an alphanumeric sorting system. 11 comes after 1. If I had more than 10 main sections, I would need to start my sections as 01 and 01.01 for the first policy. If I had more than 100, and some of you do, we'd need to start with 001. 

Now to describe some of the functionality. Each period you add in the section will indent that section once, sections with no period are as far left as possible. Example:

     1. Management Policies
              1.01 Management Commitment
                         1.01.A Management History

You are also welcome to use letters like so:
    A. Management Policies
       A.01 Management Commitment
            A.01.A Management History

For a policy to indent under the proper section the first part of it's section must match exactly the section you want it to appear under.

   MGM Management Policies
      MGM.01 Management Commitment
Lastly, policies without section numbers will be sorted alphabetically.

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