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Creating and Administering Competencies
Creating and Administering Competencies

How to add competency criteria, prequalify assessors, set prerequisites, complete assessment requests and more.

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Competencies are compilations of requirements for your Workers to complete in order to be considered competent for specific tasks. They can include pre-requisite items from within Workhub (Online Training, Certificates, Policies, and Procedures) and other criteria that can be added and tailored by an administrator for assessment by another Worker who is considered Competent.

Creating a Competency

To access the Competencies component, start on your Admin Dashboard and click on the Competencies tile.

In the Competencies component, click on the Add New button and select Competency. You can choose to add Section Headers if you want to be able to organize your Competencies list as it grows.

To start, enter a name for the Competency. You can also provide a Section Number, Expiry Period, and Primary Contact for the competency.

Your first step in building out the contents of your Competency is to set prerequisites from other components in Workhub. By clicking the plus sign button (+) for each prerequisite type, you can choose from a list of items within that Component that workers need to complete before requesting an assessment of their competency. Workers will not be able to be assessed if they have not completed the prerequisites you outline here.

The next step is to define the assessment criteria. Click on Add Criterion to add your criterion text. You can also use Add Header to organize your criteria and make it more manageable. If you're looking to import the criteria from a pre-existing Competency in Workhub, you can use the Import/Copy button to use another Competency as a template.

You can reorder the lines by clicking the six dots and dragging the line to where you like, and if needed, you can remove a criterion by clicking the trash icon. When you click the trash icon, the criterion will be crossed out, and you'll have the option to undo the deletion in case you've made a mistake!

Relating your Competency to Assets

If your Competency applies to Assets within your organization, you can use the Related Asset Category box on the bottom right of your Competency screen to add a connection with an Asset Category. Doing so will add information to the Related Competencies box for each Asset within your chosen Category/ies.

For example, we have related this Driver Evaluation Competency to three Asset Categories.

Now in the Assets of those Categories the Related Competencies box we can see the Operators who are listed for the Asset and how the relation of that Competency to the Asset is shown.

Each Operator will be listed and a numerical value will be added inn the column that matches their status for completion of Competencies. If an Operator has not been assigned a Competency related to an Asset category, a number 1 will appear in the N/A column.

You can maximize each operator listed to see which Competency holds what status. This can be helpful if there are numerous Competencies associated with one Asset Category.

Adding Assessors to your competency

An Assessor is someone who is qualified to assess other workers on their competency. They can either have been assessed on the competency or they can be prequalified by an admin. Assessors will be able to receive requests from and assess Workers from their Competencies component on their Worker Dash. They will not need admin access to be able to complete an assessment.

To add assessors, start by clicking Add on the Assessors card. This will open up a list of workers to select from.

A pop-up will appear for you to select assessors from your Worker list. You can check off the boxes for those you want set as Assessors, then click the Add Selected button at the bottom of the pop-up.

Your chosen assessors will then display on the card. You can remove anyone you don't want by clicking the trash icon by their name.

You may notice an alert next to some assessors' names.

A yellow alert indicates that the competency has not been assigned to the worker. You will need to assign the competency to their position to enable them as an assessor.

A red alert indicates that the worker's position is missing the permissions to View Competencies. The permissions will need to be enabled for them to access the component.

Finally, to save your Competency, click the Save Competency button in the top right corner of the page.

If you attempt to save your Competency before adding Assessors or before adding any criteria, you'll receive a pop-up notification indicating you are missing requirements. You can still save your Competency! The Competency will just remain Inactive until you have added the needed items.

You might receive a different pop-up if you add Assessors and criteria but your Competency is listed as Inactive. This pop-up will ask if you want to make your Competency Active. You can choose between the options as you need.

Assigning your Competency

Now that you have your prerequisites, criteria, and assessors in place, you're ready to assign your Competency. To assign it, navigate to the Assignments tab along the top of the screen. You'll be presented with a screen including your Positions and columns with a series of requirement levels. You can set the Competency Assignment to be:

  • N/A: N/A means the Certificate will not be visible to or assigned to the Position

  • Optional: this assignment level makes the Certificate visible in the list for that Position but does not make the Certificate required

  • Required: The Required columns include low, medium, high, and critical. Any of them will list the Certificate as a red requirement for your Workers.

When assigning your Competency, be sure to include the Position(s) for your Assessors!

Once you have your Assignments saved, the Worker Compliance screen will populate with the Workers you had included. You will see the Worker(s) that you included as Assessors listed in this page as compliant. They will appear with the status Instructor/Assessor - Prequalified.

Removing the Worker from the position of Assessor will change that status to Competent - Prequalified. If you want to remove that status from them, you will need to reset that Worker's compliance in the Worker Compliance screen.


A very important consideration for Competencies is that their completion relies on the assignment of the prerequisites. This means that if you've created a Competency with several prerequisites from various Workhub components, your Workers will need to be able to access and complete those assignments outside of being assigned the Competency.

Assigning the Competency does not grant access to the prerequisite items!

There will be three possible statuses for Prerequisites for a Worker on a Competency:

  • Green checkmark: this indicates the Worker has completed the Prerequisite

  • Red X: this indicates the Worker has not completed the Prerequisite

  • Gold i: this indicates the Worker is not assigned the prerequisite

    • for the Worker to be able to complete this item, an administrator will need to assign the prerequisite item to the Worker's Position!

Your Competencies are only useful gauges of your Workers' abilities if they have the necessary training, certificates, policies, and procedures available to show they're up to speed. Make sure you're diligent in ensuring your Worker can access what they need!

Administering a Competency

After you've created and assigned your Competency, you'll need to administer it! You can administer any Competency using the tabs available in any specific Competency in your list.

Clicking into a Competency will take you to the Competency Overview screen where you can review and edit the details of the Competency as described above.

You can click into the Assessments tab along the top of the screen to review the Competency assessments that have been requested. You will see a list of the requests that have been submitted for that Competency to assessed for specific Workers. You will also see a button in the top right corner of the page called Request Assessment.

If you click into the items in the list, you'll be able to review the request. You can see what items the Worker has completed of their Prerequisites, review the assessment criteria, download a blank version of the assessment, and you can opt to complete or dismiss the request by using the Assess or Decline buttons.

You can also use the Request Assessment button to make a request for assessment on behalf of a Worker.

We have another Help Article devoted to assessing and requesting assessments that you can read to find more information on both these tasks!

The Worker Compliance tab allows you to review the compliance for your specific Competency.

As with other components in Workhub, the statuses for the Workers will be colour coded.

A red status will indicate the Worker is not competent, and statuses can include Not Assessed or Requires Supervision.

A green status will indicate the Worker is competent, and can include Competent or Instructor/Assessor.

If a Worker has had their competence or prequalification added by an administrator, the status will include the suffix - Prequalified

If the statuses are listed in grey, that means the Competency is Optional for them.

Using the menu icon (three dots) on the far right end of each Worker in the Worker Compliance list will allow you to Complete an Assessment for that Worker and, if the Worker has already been assessed as Competent, will allow you to Reset their Compliance.

You can use the red arrow at the top of that column to reset compliance for all workers in the Worker Compliance list.

Those are the steps to set up and administer Competencies. For a guide on how to assess a Competency, please visit our Performing a Competency Assessment Help Article.

As ever, if you need assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support Centre by clicking the orange bubble in the bottom left corner of your Workhub screen or you can send us an email at [email protected].

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