From your admin side, click on Policies

Add a new policy by clicking on the Add New >> Policy button.

A pop-up window for Add New Policy will appear and you will have two options:

Option 1 - Start from scratch (for when your company already has a written policy)

  • Click on the Start from scratch button at the top

Option 2 - Choose a template (pre-written) policy (your company has no existing policy and you would like to start from a sample template). Please keep in mind that these are general templates and you may need to change them in order to fit your corporate requirements.

Click the Create Policy from Selected Template button at the bottom

Edit and Save New Policy

If you are creating a policy from scratch you can choose between using our text editor to create your policy or uploading a PDF.

Workhub recommends text policies, as they will be easier to change in the future and take advantage of our version control tool. Workers that speak English as Second Language(ESL) can also translate text policies into the language of their choice.

Once you save your policy, have a look at the settings tab and the assignments tab to finish off the setup process.

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