From your Admin side, click on Policies

Click Add New in the top right corner and select Policy from the drop-down menu.

A pop-up window for Add New Policy will appear and you can choose to either Start from Scrach or select from 150+ templates we have in our library.

Choosing to Start from Scratch, will open the page on a blank text editor where you can type in your Policy details, or copy & paste from an existing document you might have. Using the text editor will make it easier to update your policies in the future, and work best with our version control tool. Our downloadable Policy Manual is also only available to text format policies. And, if you have any workers with a different language selected on their profile, any text format policies will be automatically translated for them.

You can upload a PDF document. Just switch the Format over and add your file. Don't forget to add a Policy Name and a Section Number.

If you choose a policy template from our library, the template will be added to the text editor with your organization name prepopulated, and you can make any necessary edits. These are generic templates, so feel free to make it your own. The policy name and section number have also been populated.

You'll also want to add a policy contact. This profile's contact information will be available when the policy is being reviewed just in case there are any problems or feedback with the policy.

The rest of the settings are pulled from the default for all policies, but they can be customized for each policy from this panel.

Below the settings panel, you have the Related Items section which allows you to link other items in your Workhub account to a policy. This includes items in Online Training, Certificates, Procedures, Training, Competencies, and Other Forms. Just click on the Add button to start adding related items. If you add a related item by accident, just click the trash can icon to remove it. And if you accidentally remove one, click on the undo icon to restore it.

Once your Policy is saved, some additional tabs will become available in addition to the Policy Overview tab, namely: Prior Versions, Comments, Declined, Assignments, and Worker Compliance.

To download a copy of policy onto your device, click on the Policy (PDF) button.

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