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Assign and Enable Online Training CoursesMake course content available to your workers.
Custom CoursesCreate custom courses specific to your company and assign them to your Workers
Entering Classroom Training ResultsGrandfather compliance for workers who have completed training and enter results from group training sessions.
Upload Interactive PowerPoint Slides to a Custom Course
Create your Custom Course using PowerPointSet timers, record voiceovers, and add a background sound to your PowerPoint Presentations before exporting them as an MP4 video
Previewing/selecting quiz questions for a lessonCustomize which questions are asked on quizzes.
Previewing/choosing a lesson versionSelect the lesson version that is right for your company.
Modifying course settings (expiry, pass rate, randomize questions, etc.)Tailor training courses to the needs of your organization.
Download a worker's Online Training certificate by Online Training course (Admin)Print a hard copy of course compliance certificates.
How to Enable Quizzes without viewing the lesson (Admin)Setting online courses so quizzes are enabled for workers without having to view the lessons
How to download a Certificate from an Online Training CoursePrint a hard copy of a training certificate from your Worker Dashboard
Creating Custom Courses in HTML5What to do about SCORM and how to make your HTML5 course work in Workhub
Using PowerPoint files for TrainingThe ins and outs of using PowerPoint files in Workhub
Utilize training in SafetySync Custom CoursesUpload training courses and documents through