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Create custom courses specific to your company and assign them to your Workers

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While Workhub offers over 300 modules to improve awareness of health & safety topics, you may find there are topics your workers need to be trained on that aren't covered. Workhub allows you to upload your own content or link to content elsewhere on the web. If you have a company orientation you'd like to upload, this is generally the best place for it. If you are looking to have content created for your company, feel free to contact us and we can get you some more details on the process and pricing.

Create the Custom Course

Click the Online Training icon from your Admin Dashboard, then select the Custom Courses tab.

Click the Create Custom Course button in the top right corner of the screen.

This will open up a layer where you can enter some details about the course itself like the name, description, and course contact. You will also need to upload a course image here which workers will see when selecting the course from their portal. Once you've entered these details, click Save Course in the top right corner. 

Your logo will already appear on certificates so you may want to upload something more related to your content. Having trouble? Search Google images with "Your Topic Icon"

Once your course has been saved, a new box will appear on this screen. You will now see a Create New Lesson button has been highlighted, and you can click to build a lesson and upload your course content.

The new lesson will open up in a separate layer. Here you can choose which format to upload your lesson in, whether it is a Youtube Video or an iFrame code to embed. You can also upload a file. The file size limit for a lesson is dependent on your account's level: for a free-level account, the maximum file size is 50MB for a lesson, and the maximum file size for a lesson for a paid-level account is 500MB. Once you have a file selected, you will need to add a Run Time as well.

Currently, you can add a file in any of the following formats:

  • External URL link

  • iFrame such as SlideShare, Prezi, Microsoft Sway, etc.

  • YouTube (you will need the alphanumeric code in the URL for the video, everything after the = sign but before the & )

  • PDF

  • PowerPoint

  • Word Doc

  • Mp4

When you're done, click Save Lesson, and a new box will appear on this screen prompting you to Add Question. Questions are mandatory for all training.

A new layer will open up and you can choose what kind of question you want to enter, and the answers for the question. You can also upload images for the question and answers. You can add up to 6 multiple choice answers. You may want to add an explanation of the correct answer, which will appear if the worker gets the question wrong.

Once you click Save Question you will be able to continue adding questions for this custom course. Hitting Save Lesson will bring you back to the course page where you can add additional lessons. And of course, from here, hitting Save Course will save the whole course and add it to the Course List.

Enabling your Custom Course

The last step is to navigate back to the main Course List, and enable the lessons within this course. Check off the box under Include in Course and hit Save Course.

You can include or exclude as many lessons as you see fit, but at least one lesson needs to be included in the course to be visible to Workers.

Assigning your Custom Course

Assigning your custom course needs to be done from the main course list. Assignment for custom courses works the same as your Workhub library courses:

  1. Select your desired course from the Course List

  2. Ensure you've enabled the lessons in the course, as outlined above

  3. Click into the Assignments tab along the top of the screen for that course

  4. Select the assignment level you want for the Positions within your organization

  5. Hit Save Assignments in the top right corner when you're happy with your selections

Assigning your Custom Course? You need to do so from the main Course List.

Editing an existing or creating a new Custom Course? You need to do so from the Custom Courses tab!

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