Entering Classroom Training Results

Grandfather compliance for workers who have completed training and enter results from group training sessions.

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If you have Workers who have completed training outside of Workhub but still need to appear as compliant for the equivalent training in Workhub, here are steps to mark those Workers as having completed that training without them spending time completing lessons.

From your Admin Dashboard, click on the Online Training component

Select the Course you want to grandfather training results for, then click on your desired lesson in that course. 

Click on the Quiz Questions tab along the top of the page. You will then see a button in the top right corner that says Enter Class Results.

This will bring up a pop-up box. Here you can click Add Workers to Class to select workers and add them to this class.  The class is the list of the workers that you want to grandfather in or attending the in-class training session. 

Once you've added all the Workers you would like, you can begin entering the pass rate and the date of completion for them. 

Be mindful of the pass rate listed at the top of that column to ensure your Workers are receiving a mark that will list them accurately as either a Pass or a Fail!

Once your results are entered, you can click Submit Class Results

For a Worker to be listed as compliant for an entire course, you will need to enter marks for them for each of the lessons included in the course. When you navigate to the other lessons, you shouldn't have to add the Worker to the list again. You should see them appear in the pop-up as you open it.

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