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The Action Items component is a tool that allows you to create an assign corrective actions (or proactive actions!) to your Workers. However, the Action Items component is unique within Workhub because the Action Items are only housed and reviewed within the component - Action Item creation is done in your other components!
Action Items can originate from submissions within the following components:

  • Inspections

  • Behaviour Observations

  • Incidents & Hazards

  • Safety Meetings

  • Other Forms

  • Suggestions

To get started reviewing your Action Items, start on your Admin dash click into your Action Items component.

At the top of the screen you'll see a chart of your Action Items' status. The bars are colour coded to indicate the different possible statuses, which include Future, Past Due, Coming Due, Completed, and Signed Off.

Beneath your graph you will see a list of your Action Items. This list will default to display only items that still require action and will exclude any previously Signed Off Action Items. However, you can click the X in the blue filter bubble to remove that filtering and show all Action Items.

The Action item list will display information about the Action Item's creation, assignment, priority and status, the submission it originated from, the listed deficiency, and the advised corrective action.

You can click into any Action Item to see more detail.

Within each Action item, you will have many options. The Deficiency and Corrective Action will be listed in the main body of the page, and beneath them you will find sections for Comments (if you have adequate Permissions to view and insert comments) and an Activity feed that outlines each change made to the Action Item.

The right side of the screen will outline the creator, the date of creation, the assignment and due date, the priority, and the original item in Workhub that the Action Item was created from. You can make changes to these details in this screen if you need, as well as using the small Bell icon next to the name of the assignee to send a reminder notification through email, SMS, or both about their Action Item.

The status of an Action Item can be changed using the Status bubbles along the top right portion of the page. The status of an Action Item can be changed from Coming Due or Past Due by a Worker who has been assigned the Action Item, but the status change from Completed to Signed Off must be completed by an administrator. An Action Item needs to be marked as Complete before it can be marked as Signed Off.

If you're changing the status of Action Items, be sure to hit Save in the top right corner of the screen to save any changes you've made!

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