How to Enable Orientations

Making orientations available and Required for Workers.

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The orientation management system offers multiple prime contractor and general industry orientations. The Administrator can select multiple orientations and “require” the orientations for individual workers.

There are two different ways to change a required orientation in company administration: by worker and by prime contractor. The following steps will take you through the process of selecting orientations required for multiple workers by prime contractor. Please see "Enable and Require Orientations by Worker" in related topics for steps on requiring multiple orientations by worker.

From your Admin side, click on Competency,

The Orientations page will list the Orientations available in the system. To add one, Select the Orientation and toggle the button to Enable it.

Once Enabled, the list of workers in your Organization will come up.

Filter the workers by Position, Location, etc (to select ALL workers in your company leave all fields blank); then click Apply Filters.

Click the Required Checkbox beside the Worker's name or Select All if you want to set the Orientation as Required for all Workers.

Click Save Orientation when done

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