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How to Upload a Certificate as a Worker
How to Upload a Certificate as a Worker

Uploading a Certificate as a Worker is a cinch!

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Certificates are the backbone of tracking Worker compliance in Workhub. Uploading a Certificate is a simple process once you know the steps!

Uploading A Certificate

Your first step to upload a Certificate is to log into your account and open up your Certificates component. From the Certificate Type list, click into the Certificate you need to upload. You will see a page something like this:

This page gives you several fields to fill to successfully upload a Certificate.

If an administrator has included any special instructions or external providers for you to complete a course, they will be visible at the top of that page in the Recommended Training Provider banner.

This can also include a message that says, "You can complete your (Online Training course) for this certificate now." If you see that message, clicking the Start Now link will take you to the Online Training course that an administrator has linked to this Certificate for completion! Once you complete that Online Training course, Workhub will automatically fill the Certificate slot with the Certificate you are awarded for finishing that particular course.

In the center of the page, there is a box that says Upload Certificate File with a blue box beneath it. This box will allow you to add a file containing your Certificate. You can either drag and drop the file into the blue space on the page, or you can click on Browse Computer to open the file explorer in your device to find the file for your Certificate. The accepted file types for this upload include .doc, .dox, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, and .png.

Once you have your file in place, you can add the needed information in the box on the right side of the page. The fields are fairly self-explanatory, but to clarify:

  • Certificate Name: Generally this field will stay the same unless you are instructed by a supervisor or admin to change the name.

  • Issue date: This is the date the Certificate was issued and the start of any period of validity as set by the administrator

  • Expiry date: This is the date the Certificate will expire, if listed on the Certificate. If the Certificate does not expire, you do not need to enter an Expiry Date in this field.

  • Course Provider: if you received the Certificate from a third party trainer or provider, you can enter the details for the provider here.

  • Certificate Number: if your Certificate has a number, you can enter that number here.

  • Instructor Name: if there is a name for an Instructor who provided the training, you can enter their name here.

  • Endorsement: If the Certificate is endorsed by any external body, you can enter than information here.

  • Cost: if the Certificate was granted through a paid course, you can enter the cost here. This could be important if your organization has outlined a program for reimbursement for costs related to acquiring the Certificate. You can also choose the Currency used.

  • Note: any additional information that could be important for the Certificate can be entered here.

Any fields that are necessary will be marked with a red asterisk (*). Any other field is optional to be filled in.

Once you have successfully filled the Certificate File and the information fields, you can hit Save in the top right corner of your screen.

Certificate Approval

After submitting your Certificate, you can see two different messages, and those messages depend on the settings chosen by your administrator.

Pending Approval can be seen in Certificates once you have submitted a Certificate file but an administrator still needs to review your submission. Once an administrator with your organization has approved your submission, the listing will change to show Current. The Pending Approval message will look like this:

Approved can be seen in Certificates that have either been automatically approved by Workhub (this is a setting administrators can choose for Certificate submissions) or have been approved by administrators. If the Certificate has an expiration date associated with it, the message will include "Expiry (date)". The Approved message will look like this:

Admin Rejection of Certificate

If an admin rejects your Certificate submission, you will receive an email notification letting you know that the Certificate submission was rejected with a reason provided for the Certificate's rejection.

The Certificate listing in your Certificates component will lapse back to a status of Missing. You will need to upload another file into the spot and provide the necessary details to accompany your new upload. Be sure to heed any advice provided by your admin regarding the rejection of your last Certificate when uploading your new one!

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