In Workhub: 

Creating and tracking incidents is done through the Admin Portal. 

1. Select the Incident Tracking icon from your main page

2. Fill in the details of the Incident. The ID#, Date, and Time will be mandatory. You'll then enter a description of the incident along with the location.

3. This section will allow you to select the people involved in the incident. Your employees will populate as you type into the search box. There are also Contractor/Member of public options. Select their involvement in the incident, and any restricted/lost time that came as a result. (This portion only applies to employees)

4. If any assets were involved, you can enter their involvment here, as well as the cost associated. Your assests are linked with the equipment list that was previously uploaded.

5. Add any Environmental Involvement.

6. You can also add some more information like Root Causes and any photos you may wish to upload of the incident. Additionally, you can also link the incident to an Existing Submission, or Upload a New Submission. 

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