Assignments are what allow you to push out requirements to your workers and track their completion, which adds compliance for a worker. A 100% compliant worker is the goal of your company to ensure due diligence:

Assignments are setup for workers based on their position or their location. Position based assignments are the default method, while adding location based assignments adds a somewhat intense level of customization that we only recommend for large multi province/state spanning companies.

Assignments can be setup three ways: Not Applicable, Optional, and Required.

Not Applicable assignments are not viewable by a worker. Assignments can be N/A for one position/location but optional or required for another position/location.
Required assignments affect compliance. Workers start with 0% compliance and it will increase as they complete required assignments.
Optional assignments are, you guessed it, optional. They are available for the worker to take, but do not affect compliance.

List of Available Components that can be Assigned

Assignments exist for the following components:
Online Courses

When components are assigned you have access to the generated compliance reporting, that is covered in the linked help topic.

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