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Add a signature to course certificates, reports, policies, and rewards cards
Add a signature to course certificates, reports, policies, and rewards cards

Upload a signature to sign off on certificates, reports and policies.

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Administrators have the ability to add an employer signature to course certificates that are completed in Workhub, onto policies that require management signing authority, and into rewards program Thank You cards. The "employer" is a representative of the organization that is authorized to approve training content, testing, policies, and certificates. Before beginning this process, the Administrator must have a scanned signature in an image file (.pdf, .jpeg, .jpg ) of the employer representative of their company available on their computer.  

Pro-tip: Use a medium or thick pen to ensure the signature is clear - micro or fine pens are less ideal.

1. Click on the Admin Dash icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Select Account from the Dashboard.

In the Signing Authority box, enter the name, position, and email address for the employer representative.

To add an image file containing the signature of your signing authority, drag your desired file into that box or click the Browse Computer option in the blue box.

If you chose Browse Computer, select the image file with the scanned signature in the Choose File to Upload pop-up window. Click Open.

Click Save Account in the top-right corner of the page to save your changes.

You can adjust the image by clicking Crop.

Highlight the signature by clicking from one corner to the opposite corner of the signature. Click Accept Crop.

Then, choose where you want to append the signature by toggling the options on the right.

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