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How to Create a Behavior Observation as an Admin
How to Create a Behavior Observation as an Admin

How to build a behavior observation check and assign it to locations & positions

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Behavior Observations is a tool which informs management and employees of the overall safety of the workplace. It is meant to encourage workers to consider their own and their peers' daily safety behaviour and build safer habits in the workplace.

When you first select this component, you will see some analytics about behaviour observations within your company displayed. You will see a chart with the amount of observation checks, and some details about the number of these checks that are risk checks and safe checks. You will also see a graph denoting the history of these observations within the date range you have selected.

You can change change the dates by selecting the filters icon. You can also filter by location, and choose to include archived observations in this report as well.

To begin building your observation, click Add Section. You can enter the name of your section here. You can click Add Observation to add your observation checks as well. Clicking off of the text will automatically save the section or observation name. You will also see the number and percentage of safe or risk responses to each observation check.

Once you have saved your observation, clicking on the name of the section or observation check will open up some further data about the section. You will be able to apply the same filters here as on the main observation page. and you will see the analytics of that particular section displayed similarly to the main page. You can also choose to enable or disable the n/a option by section or observation.

The Assignments & Frequency tab allows you to set the assignment of the observation by position or location. If you set the assignment as required, you will see the frequencies option appear.

To view individual observations, select the Submitted Behaviour Observations Tab.

Here you can click on the column headers to change the sort order. You can also select an observation from the list to view it in more details and see any comments.

Now that you've got your behavior observation all set up, it's time to get workers to submit them! Here is a how-to guide so your workers can start using these observations to move towards a safer workplace.

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