How to Submit a Behavior Observation

Submit a behavior observation for your location as a worker

Updated over a week ago

Behavior Observations allow you to submit a safety observation for your jobsite. To access this module, select the Behavior Observations card from your dashboard.

On this layer, you can view the dates of your own submissions and submissions by other workers as well, however you will not be able to view the submission itself. You will also see some details of the last time this observation was updated by your admin.

To begin, select Start Behavior Observation

If you click the Location name, you will see a drop-down which will allow you to change the location you are submitting the observation for.

Once you've chosen your location, you can begin your Behavior Observation. Here, you can choose from a couple options which answer applies to the statement. You may see two or three options here: safe, at risk, and n/a. You can also choose to leave a comment.

Once you've completed your observation. Click Submit.

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