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What does Green Hand mean on Workhub and how do I use it?

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What is Green Hand?

Definition of a Green Hand: A young, new or inexperienced worker; A worker returning to the job after an injury; A worker who is new to a site, task or job.

Workers who are new and inexperienced can be pretty swamped with information, trying to learn how to operate new equipment, remember relevant policies and procedures, and working in a new environment. This can lead to a lack of awareness around potential hazards or a lack of competency to manage associated risks.

Green Hand is a term used within the safety industry to differentiate a worker that is new or inexperienced from other workers on site. Sometimes a company can choose to identify these workers visibly with a green hard hat, or by placing green sticker on their hard hat. This allows coworkers and supervisors to easily identify newer workers and provide them with the appropriate training and guidance to increase their understanding of their environment and hazards associated with their tasks.

How do I identify someone as a Green Hand on Workhub?

On Workhub, the Green Hand flag is found on a worker's profile. From the Admin side, you'll want to click the Workers icon, then select a worker from the list.

Just beneath the Hire Date field, you will see a toggle for Green Hand. You can also add a Green Hand Until date.

When the date passes, the green hand icon will be removed from the worker's profile, but the date will still show.

A green hand icon will also show next to the worker's name on the worker list, so workers who hold green hand status can easily be identified.

This information will also be displayed on the extended worker list report.

How do I remove a worker as a Green Hand?

To remove a worker from Green Hand status, you can simply toggle Green hand off. A pop-up will appear regarding why Green Hand is being turned off.

If you select the first option, no Green Hand until date will be displayed on the worker's profile. Selecting the second option will override the worker's Green Hand Until date to today.

After hitting Save Worker in the top right corner, you will see the Green Hand icon has been removed from the worker list and profile.

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