Administering Certificates

How to administer your Certificate types, the submissions, and set up training for your Workers

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Once you have Certificate types established and assigned in your organization's account, the next step is administering those Certificates. This can include altering your Certificate types, reviewing pending submissions, reviewing items that are past due, and scheduling training for your Workers.

Editing Certificate Types

As an administrator, you can make changes to the existing Certificate Types that exist in your organization's account.

From your Admin dash, you can click into Certificates. From the main Certificate Type screen, you can click into any Certificate to edit its details and requirements.

You can alter any of the details in the Certificate Settings on the left portion of this screen, or make adjustments to the information on the right side of the screen to inform your Workers of training they'll need to pursue outside of Workhub to earn their Certificate. If you make any changes to your Certificate details, be sure to hit Save Certificate in the top right corner!

You can use the Assignment tab along the top of the screen to change your assignments, and you can use the Worker Compliance tab to review your workers' completion of the Certificate. If you make any changes to your assignments, make sure you save them using the Save Assignments button in the top right corner of the page.

This screen shows assignments with Cross Requirements turned on. This is a setting that allows assignment by both Position and Location. It can be found in the Settings tab for the Certificates component.

Review Approvals (formerly Pending Submissions)

Within the Settings for your Certificates component, you can select when a Certificate is considered compliant: On Submission, or After Approval. The software default is to set this to After Approval, so chances are good you'll need to review the submissions your Workers are making!

To begin reviewing your Workers' submissions, open your Certificates component and navigate to the Approvals tab along the top of the page.

This page will show you the submissions you need to review.

To review the submissions, simply click into an item in the list. You will be able to see the Certificate submission in the main body of the page, as well as the details the Worker has included for the submission on the right side of the page. The fields that are important to you as an admin will vary depending on the Certificate itself, but generally important fields to review include:

  • Worker Name: make sure they match between the Worker profile and the submission

  • Certificate Name: make sure the type of Certificate uploaded matches the Certificate Type

  • Issue Date: verify the Certificate has an accurate Issue Date

    • Issue Date is always a required field!

  • Expiry Date: verify the Certificate has an accurate Expiry Date

    • Expiry Date isn't always a required field, but you can make it one by editing your Certificate Details!

  • Course Provider: if your organization has a preferred provider for training, review the provider to ensure standards are the same

Based on the information supplied by the worker and their Certificate file, you can use the buttons at the top of the Certificate image to either Approve or Reject the submission. If you approve, the submission will be accepted and the Worker will be listed as Compliant. If you reject, the Worker will receive a rejection notification through email and will need to re-submit their Certificate.

You also have the option as an Admin to move the submission to a different Certificate Type for approval. This can be useful if your Worker has submitted a Certificate to the incorrect Certificate Type. To do so, you can click the menu icon next to Certificate Details, and choose to Move Certificate.

You'll then be prompted by a pop-up window to choose the Certificate Type you'd like to move the submission to.

Choose the Type you'd like to move your Certificate to, and choose Confirm at the bottom of the pop-up. The submission will then be listed under that Type instead!

While we have this capacity to move a pending submission that's awaiting Approval, we don't have the ability to move Certificates that have already been approved.
Be sure to double check that your choice is correct before moving your submissions!

Upload a Certificate on Behalf of a Worker

If you are looking to upload a Certificate for a worker, you can review our companion Help Article on the topic. You're able to upload a certificate for a Worker from either the Certificates component or the Worker Profile. There's a lot to cover and it's worthy of its own guide!

Scheduled Training

If you have in-person training that you're either hosting or sending your Workers to undertake, you can use our Scheduled Training tool within Certificates to create a calendar event to invite Workers to attend. To get started, click into the Scheduled Training tab along the top of the Certificates window.

The page will default to show you all upcoming and previously scheduled training sessions within your account. To schedule a new training session, click the Schedule New button in the top right corner of the page.

This screen allows you to enter the details for the Certificate type, the provider of the training, the session(s) for the training, and the attendees for the training. You can start with the sessions or the details and will be prompted to add attendees after those details are in place.

For your details, you need to select the Certificate Type this training is intended for. This informs your Workers what the training is for! You can also enter the Provider, the Instructor, the Endorsement if one exists, any Costs involved, and any Notes for the Workers to see that may be pertinent.

In the Session Schedule panel, you can enter all the sessions this training includes. This is not a way for Workers to choose a time slot but instead notifies them of how many sessions the training will include in total.

After you have the details and the session(s) in place, you'll be able to add Workers as attendees for the training. The Workers panel will indicate to you the Worker's status for that Certificate.

Finally, when you're happy with your Details, Sessions, and Attendees, you can hit Save Schedule to finalize the scheduled training.

After saving your training, you'll see it in the Schedule Training list as Scheduled. You will also be able to message the attendees for your scheduled training using the Message Attendees button in your Attendee list for your training.

Your Workers who have been invited to attend will see the Schedule status appear for that Certificate in their Certificate list.

They can click into that particular Certificate and, under the Scheduled Training tab along the top, they will be able to see the details of the scheduled training. They can use the Decline or Confirm buttons at the top of the page to accept or decline the invitation. They will see their status at the top of their page with different banners, depending on their response.

Workers will have the option to change their status any time before the training occurs using the Change Status button!

After your Workers have responded to the invitation, you will see their status in the Invitation Status column change.

After the scheduled training sessions have occurred, the training's status will change to Ended in your Scheduled Training list and the details will still appear but will no longer be editable.

​Reviewing Coming Due/Past Due Certificates

We have two methods to produce reports for your Workers' Coming Due and Past Due Certificates. The first method is to download a Coming Due/Past Due report from the main Certificate list. You can click the Download button in the top right corner of the screen and select which format you would like to download.

Both of these reports will contain the information for the Certificates for Workers that are approaching or are past their expiration dates.

The second method is our Matrix Report tool. The Matrix Report is present in all our Onboarding & Compliance components and allows an admin to review the compliance status for the items in the component and the Workers assigned. If you're looking to review all your Workers or just a selection of those assigned items, all assignment levels or just Required or just Optional items, all the submissions your Workers have made or just those that are still valid, the Matrix Report is a flexible option for all your reporting needs.

The Selected Workers box allows you to select the Workers you'd like to include in the report by using the filter icon in the top right corner of the box.
The Report Settings can be tailored by Assignment (Required, Optional, or both), Status (Current/Done, Missing, Expired, Coming Due, Waiting for Approval, or all statues), and by Display style (Icons or Text).
The Certificate box allows you to choose which Certificates will be included in the report. If you don't add any, the system will default to show all existing active Certificates.

Clicking Download Report in the top right corner of the page will download an Excel file with your desired information. There is a second sheet in the file for the Legend in case any items need interpretation.

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