Custom Branding

Customizing your login screen, user dashboards, and exported reports and certificates with your organization's logos and color themes

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Logos and colors are arguably two of the most important visual elements in your organization's brand identity. With the Custom Branding feature, which is only available with a paid account, you can include your organization's logo on all your account screens and downloads, as well as customize the color theme to present a unique Workhub experience to your workers consistent with the organizational brand.

How it works

Account administrators can access the Custom Branding feature by switching to their Admin Dashboard and clicking into the Account component from the left side Administration panel. Then, click on the Custom Branding tab and the screen should look like the one below showing two distinct panels.

On the left side panel you have the color theme customization tool and a preview box, while on the right side is the feature's Disable/Enable switch and a host of custom branding settings which are all discussed in this article.

The first setting to take note of is the Disable/Enable switch which is at the top of the right side panel. It would be set to Disabled by default unless previously modified by an admin. You can test any of the customization tools and settings while the switch remains on Disabled, but any saved changes will only reflect in your account when it is set to Enabled. This gives you the opportunity to play around with your customization until you're satisfied with it and ready to "go live."


Continuing to focus on the right side panel, you can use the file picker under Organization Logo to upload a logo image from your computer. A wide range of image file formats are supported as indicated. When Custom Branding has been Enabled, the uploaded logo will appear on your worker and admin dashboards, on all reports you export from the system, as well as on certificates exported for online courses completed by your workers.


An essential part of color theme customization is pre-selection of your organization's colors. You can select three organization colors, which are identified in the tool by the names Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. It is one of these selected colors that you can apply to each of the design elements of your screens and reports, such as banners, sidebars, and trims. More on this under Color Theme Customizer.

To select a color, click on the color swatch next to one of the identifying names. This opens up a color picker tool as shown in the screenshot below. The color picker has two main parts, first a color slider and second a color canvas. The color slider has a linear gradient of the seven rainbow colors i.e. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. It allows you to choose any of these seven colors. The color value chosen from the color slider instantly reflects in the color canvas which lets you choose a lighter and darker version of the current chosen color from the color slider.


A favicon is a small image that appears on web browser tabs, bookmarks and histories. Workhub Software Corp's black swan logo is normally the default favicon for the Workhub app, but using the custom icon tool allows you to replace it with your own company logo or any other brand mark.

To add a custom favicon, use the file picker under "Custom Icon (Favicon)" in the right side panel to upload a supported image. Supported image file formats are .jpg, .png, and .ico. The file should be no larger than 50kB in size with a recommended image resolution of 30 pixels by 30 pixels. You can use a simple image editor (such as MS Paint) to resize any existing images you want to use.


This feature allows you to include a slogan that will appear on your organization's login screen and in any messages sent out from the system to members of your organization. You can use this to promote your culture and compliance initiatives.


The Color Theme Customizer is on the left panel of the Custom Branding screen. This tool allows you to use your pre-selected organization colors to customize the main Workhub screens - Worker Dashboard, Admin Dashboard, Worker ID, Login - and the Report/Email template that users in your organization will interact with on a daily basis. Each screen has up to three design elements, such as background and trim, to which you can apply a custom color. You immediately see what your customizations would look like in the preview box.

To customize colors, click on one of the five screen thumbnails. From the color drop-down lists to the right of the preview box, select the organization color to apply to the labelled design element of the active screen. Do this for each screen in turn to achieve a consistent look and feel. The screenshot below shows an organization's primary color (Blue) being selected for the trim lines of the Report/Email template.

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