Matrix Report Basics

How to use the Matrix Report tool to your best advantage.

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The Matrix Report tool is a filterable report available in our Online Training, Certificates, Policies, Procedures, and Competencies components. It is important to note that the Matrix Report tool is still in Beta, and so could change in its functionality in the future.

You will see this tab in all the above listed components. Clicking into the tab will bring you to a screen chock-full of information.

Selected Workers

In the main body of the screen, you will see a list of your Selected Workers. The list starts with all Active Workers in the account listed here. In this box, you will see the Workers':

  • Name

  • Location

  • Position

  • Type

  • Compliance percentage

You can filter this list to Workers you want to see reflected in your report by using the triangular filter symbol in the top right corner:

Clicking this filter symbol will bring a Filter List out from the right side of your browser screen. You can choose from several options within this list. Whatever choices you make, be sure to hit the Apply Filters button at the very bottom of the list to make the selected changes in your Selected Workers list.

Report Settings

On the right side of your Matrix Report screen, you'll see a smaller box called Report Settings. This box contains crucial information for what data is included in your report, including assignment level and item status, and how that data is displayed.

In the Assignment drop-down, you can choose to show items that are Required or Optional.

In the Status drop-down, you can choose to show items that are Missing, Expired, Coming Due, and other options depending on component. For example, Online Training will show items that are Done, whereas Certificates can also show items that are Current and Waiting for Approval. You can select all of the options to show all the statuses for the component as well.

In the Display row, you can choose whether your data is shown as Icons or as Text in the report. Both options will be color coded in the report with a corresponding legend to explain what each color and symbol mean.

Included Items

Beneath the Report Settings box, you will see a small box with the same name as the component you are currently in.

This option allows you to Add any particular Online Training courses/Certificates/Policies/Procedures etc. that you want included in the report. If you do not select any options to add using this button, the report will default to displaying all of the Active options within the organization. This allows you to make the report as general or specific as you want it to be within that component.

Once you have filtered your options and chosen your settings, you can use the Download Report button in the top right corner of your window to produce your desired report!

An example of the report can be seen here, first in the Icon format and then in the Text format:

Icon format of the Matrix Report
Text format of the Matrix Report

The legend for each format can be found on the second sheet of the spreadsheet:

Icon format legend for the Matrix Report
Text format legend for the Matrix Report

What is included in the legend will vary depending on the Status fields available for each different component.

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