Get a detailed view of where individual workers are compliant and which components they need to complete.

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What is Compliance?

Compliance is a word you'll see a lot in Workhub. In the sense you see it in the software, compliance is a gauge of how many necessary measures an organization has in place to meet the regulatory standards set out by governing bodies to ensure safe work, and how many of those measures have been completed or are being consistently undertaken. An individual Worker's compliance is a reflection of the completion of their part of that effort.

The considerations for what makes a specific organization compliant will vary depending on what industry they are within and what legal and corporate regulations exist to dictate what requirements need be in place. Outlining those requirements in Workhub is done through assigning items to the different Positions within an organization.

Viewing compliance can be done by both Workers and Admins through different means.

Viewing Compliance as a Worker:

As a Worker, you are able to see your own compliance from your Worker dash.

At the top of your Worker dash requirements you will see a coloured bar entitled Onboarding & Compliance. This bar is a reflection of your completion of your assignments.

The numbers on the bar reflect your compliance summary:

  • the number in the green portion of the bar is the number of required items you have completed

  • the number in the red portion of the bar is the number of required items you still need to complete

  • the percentage beneath the bar is your overall compliance percentage

You can see how many items within each different component you have left to complete listed in red and your completed items listed in green on each component tile on your dash.

Viewing Compliance as an Admin:

The following steps take an administrator through the process of reviewing an employee's compliance by element on the Worker Details page, viewing Worker Compliance by component, and reviewing compliance for Workers as a whole.

By Worker:

From your Admin portal, click on Workers.

From the Worker list that appears, select the Worker that you want to review compliance for. Scroll down on the Worker Detail page to view the Worker's overall compliance broken down by component.

You can click on each individual component here to get detailed compliance by requirement.

By Component:

Each component in the Onboarding & Compliance collection of components will have Worker Compliance as an option within it.

To view the Worker compliance by component, begin on your Admin dash and click into your desired component. For this example, we will use Online Training.

In the course list, choose a course you would like to see the Worker compliance for. From the Course Overview page that populates, use the navigation ribbon along the top to view your Worker Compliance.

In the Worker Compliance screen, you will see a Worker list (alphabetical by last name) displaying the compliance for each Worker. The Status column will inform you of the Worker's current compliance status for the course you have chosen.

  • If the course/item you have chosen is Required for the Worker, it will appear in black with a colour coded Status: green for compliant, and red for non-compliant.

  • If the course/item you have chosen is Optional for the Worker, it will appear in grey without colour coding.

In some components, the option to click into the Worker listing for more information. For example:
In Online Training, you can view individual lesson completions.
In Certificates, you can view the submitted and approved Certificate.
In Policies, you can view the acceptance or rejection of a Policy, along with the version number and any comment or reason provided for the approval/rejection.
In Competencies, you can view the Worker's evaluation and any prerequisites that are required.

For an overview of how to best use the Matrix Report to review Worker Compliance within components, please read our Matrix Report help article.

Average Worker Compliance:

As an administrator, you will also have access to view data related to average Worker compliance over time. To access this data, you can open either your Account or Workers component.

In the Account component, click the Compliance tab in the navigation ribbon along the top of the page. You will see three boxes populated with data on this page. The topmost box is your Average Worker Compliance.

This box displays your average worker compliance in the current week, offers a comparison with the previous week, and detail a percentage change if there has been one. The line graph helps to visualize that data, and each of the dots along the line will display a date and percentage from that date.

The middle box is you Average Program Requirements Per Worker.

This box displays the average number of requirements for all your Workers, the average number of incomplete assignments, and the average number of completed assignments. It also offers a comparison with the week before. Each bar in the graph displays a week period, with the green portion showing completed assignments and the grey incomplete assignments.

The final box on the page displays Workers Assigned.

This box details your total number of Workers, the number of those who are fully compliant, the number that are partially compliant, and the number of those who have not started yet. It also offers a comparison with the week before. The green portion of each bar is the number of fully compliant Workers, the gold represents those partially compliant, and the red displays Workers who have not yet started working on their assignments.

You can also access this same data from your Workers component by clicking into the History tab at the top of the Workers page. The data is identical to that found in the Account component.

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