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Passing Additional Information in a Webform to Workhub
Passing Additional Information in a Webform to Workhub

We support emailing a few additional fields beyond the FormID in a webform and this article shows you how to integrate them using variables.

Updated over a week ago

Currently when a webform is submitted the only mandatory field in the subject line is FormID=###. This allows our server to figure out what category of form it is as well as the customer that it belongs to. You can also pass the following fields if your form tool allows it:
Submitted By
Name (Or you can use WorkerID from their profile if you prefer instead, just be sure to remove their name from the subject if this is the case)

To do this your email subject would need to look something like below:
FormID=1 | Location=Head Office | EquipID=Fork123 | Name=John Doe | WorkerID=987654 | JobNumber=Customer456

The characters separating the different fields are called pipes, usually located around your backspace key. Note that each pipe needs a space on each side to work.

So how might you set this up in your webform tool? Your tool will need to support variables in the subject line. A variable is a piece of data that is unknown until the submission happens.

Jotform, Device Magic, and many other tools support variables so the setup might look something like this:

Full text is:
{form_title} FormID=12345 | Location={LocationName} | EquipID={EquipmentID} | Name={conductedBy} | WorkerID=987654

Note the curly braces {}. These contain our variables, each question you add in JotForm has a variable name automatically assigned. As you can see above, my question about the location of the person filling the form out is called "LocationName", who filled it out is "conductedBy", etc. I know the names of these variables by clicking the pencil icon.

When the submission happens, JotForms will gather the data entered by the worker and insert it into the subject line of the email. Our server receives it and reads the information from the subject line and adds the record to the pending record list waiting your approval with the additional data pre-populated.

That's it for variables, it's a bit tricky and every tool manages these a little differently so if you have questions you may want to reach out to us for this one :)

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