If you don't have a Device Magic account, ask us. We'll ensure you get our discount first. 

Device magic is both a mobile and web-based submission tool. As one of the more expensive tools we support, you get what you pay for in this case. Logic based submissions, complete customization of the pdf attachments, mobile awesomeness, offline submission functionality, and a fleshed out API for complete data management are some of the features offered.

Now, once you're in Device Magic head to the Forms Section and select New Form:

The interface is pretty straight forward and you can build your form as needed. Click Save & Exit when done.

You can then click the Destinations tab and add a new destination. First, select a destination type from the list, we'll use E-Mail:

You then want to select a format:

We'll choose PDF but, as you can see, you have a lot of options. If you want your Device Magic form data to go elsewhere, feel free to explore the other integrations.

Let's jump to step 6 and the E-Mail Options are where we want to make our changes:

You can see that we need to send it to webforms@safetysync.com and we need to customize the email by replacing the subject with the FormID from the form category in SafetySync. You can add additional variables in the subject line using the Show me my placeholders button and the pipe | character as seen in the linked help topic.

Click Create Destination and you're done building the form.

Lastly, to give your workers access to the form directly from SafetySync (outside of the app) head to the summary tab and paste the provided URL into the form details page in SafetySync:

With Device Magic, there is a ton of functionality. You can set delivery options to only send to a certain email if a question is answered a certain way. Maybe you want First Aid incidents to go directly into SafetySync, while serious Medical Treatment cases you want to go into SafetySync and to send to select members of your Safety Team. We're happy to help with any questions you might have on Device Magic.

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