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Getting started with Formsite

Send form submissions from Formsite into SafetySync.

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Note: We realize this article might be out of date and some of the information may not be accurate. We will keep it available for now in case it proves to be helpful.

Formsite is a web-based form tool that has advanced functionality for question types, probably the best we've seen in a form tool, but the lack of an app could be a deal breaker for many who work in the field. The price is quite a bit lower than app supported form tools though, so you can't fault them for it too much :)

Once you've created an account go ahead and Create New Form:

The interface is clean and simple, a basic drag and drop tool for adding your questions, while in the back-end of each question you have some advanced functionality.

When you've finished building the form you can head to Form Settings>>Notifications in the menu:

I'm sending the completed form to [email protected] and I've populated the subject line with the FormID=## from the form details page in SafetySync. I've also added variables into the subject line, which Formsite called Pipes. At the bottom, you have access to conditional logic that you can set up only to email SafetySync in certain cases or notify management in other cases.

Lastly, to give your workers access to the form from Workhub, head to the Share menu and take the provided URL and paste it into the form details page in Workhub:

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