Getting started with Typeform

Send form submissions from Typeform directly into Workhub.

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Typeform is one of the newer form tools out there but it's become really popular among tech companies. It's certainly the most beautiful form tool out there. It is somewhat lacking when it comes to functionality(still a step up from Google Forms) but the cost is quite low so any missing functionality can be forgiven. If you're looking for basic data collection, this should do the trick. You won't, however, see a mobile app, logic based submission options, pdf submissions, or populated question data from third party sources. Don't need those? Great, let's get started.

Once you've created your Typeform account go ahead and Create a new typeform:

The interface is quite simple and you can drag and drop your questions over as needed. Once complete, click the Configure option at the top:

You can now select the Self Notifications option on the left and add the recipient email as and update the subject line to include the FormID=## from the form category in Workhub:

You can see above that I am passing additional variables to the subject line. All questions in Typeform are given a variable name so there is no setup required for adding them to the subject line.

You do need to ensure that the message content includes the All answers variable so that submission data goes along with the email.
Make sure the self notifications option at the bottom are currently On before updating the settings:

Lastly, to give your workers access to the form head to the Share>Share your typeform menu:

Paste the provided URL into the form details page in Workhub.

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