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Using Suggestions

How to use and administer the Suggestions component

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The Suggestions component is a tool for admins to collect ideas and feedback from their organization. Those ideas can be big, small, complex, or simple - the Suggestions component lets you submit and review it all!

Submitting a Suggestion

A Worker can submit a Suggestion using the Suggestions component on their Worker dashboard.

In the Suggestion component, a Worker can use the Make Suggestion button in the top right corner of the page to create a new Suggestion. This will open a new page.

On the New Suggestion page, a Worker can enter a whole host of information. The only necessary fields for a Worker to fill out to create a Suggestion are the Suggestion Subject, the Background, and the Proposed Solution fields.
The subject should be a summary of the idea as a whole. The background field allows Workers to provide context and build an argument for their suggestion. The proposed solution field allows a Worker to outline their solution to the issue they've identified in the background field.

Workers can also optionally include Likely Benefits by checking the boxes that their proposed solution would provide. If the Worker chooses Other, they will be able to fill the text field beside the checkbox with the benefit. Below the benefits is a space for a Worker to enter a Total Benefit dollar amount and and Estimated Cost dollar amount. The Expected ROI will be calculated by the system based on those numbers.

Finally, a Worker can also select if they would like to post their Suggestion Anonymously or as themselves by using the toggle at the top of the Likely Benefits box. This is a setting that an admin can change, so this option may or may not appear depending on the Permissions assigned by admins.

When they are ready, Workers can click the Submit Suggestion button in the top right corner of the page to finalize their Suggestion.

Depending on the settings tailored by the organization's administrators, Suggestion submissions may or may not appear in the Suggestions List. If submissions are visible, Workers will be able to rate Suggestions and comment on the Suggestions.

Workers may be able to choose if they would like to submit their rating as themselves or anonymously. After rating a Suggestion, Workers will be able to see who submitted the Suggestion. If it was submitted anonymously, that will be displayed inn the Suggested By field on the right of the page. The Average Rating of the suggestion will also be listed in the top right corner.

A Worker will also be able to add a comment to a Suggestion after rating it. Comments too may have the choice of being submitted by the Worker or anonymously. Once submitted by a Worker, the comment may need to be reviewed by an admin before it is made visible to others. This is a setting administrators can control from the Admin dash. If the comment needs admin approval before it's visible, the message Pending Approval will appear at the top of the comment.

Once an Admin has reviewed comments and made them visible, Workers will be able to reply to comments and can upvote comments to show their agreement/interest.

The dashboard tile for Suggestions will not appear with any status messaging for Workers, so if new Suggestions have been submitted they will not appear as items To Do for Workers.

Administering Suggestions

After Workers have submitted Suggestions, Admins are able to review the information contained within those Suggestions, the ratings, and the comments left by other Workers. The Suggestion List will list all the Suggestions that have been submitted.

The New Suggestions tab along the top will list any Suggestion that has been made that has not yet had a change of status. These Suggestions will stay in the New Suggestions tab until their Status is changed to one of the other options, which include Approved, Implemented, and Declined.

The Archived tab will house all the Suggestions that an admin decides are no longer relevant to the workplace. Any Suggestion can be archived by clicking the Archive button in the top right corner within the Suggestion. Admins can Unarchive a Suggestion by clicking into the Suggestion and choosing Unarchive.

The Settings tab allows Admins to control visibility and anonymity for Suggestions. To ensure Workers feel they can safely submit opinions without fear of repercussion, the defaults for Suggestion submission, rating, and commenting all allow for Anonymous posting.

Administering Suggestion submissions

To administer particular Suggestion submissions, admins can click into a Suggestion from the Suggestion list.

Administrators can turn the visibility of a Suggestion submission off and on using the Visibility toggle on the right side of the page. They can make changes to the Likely Benefits and dollar amounts in Cost/Benefit fields listed by the Worker.

They will be able to create Action Items from Suggestions, making it easy to assign tasks to Workers to make the Suggestions a reality, and can change the Status of a Suggestion to indicate where the evaluation process it is. An admin can also use the Archive button in the top right corner if the Suggestion is deemed to no longer be relevant. Archived Suggestions are not visible to Workers.

Using the Comments tab at the top of the window, and Admin can review the comments that have been submitted by Workers for the Suggestion or can add their own comment.

If an admin would like a comment to be visible they can choose the Show option, and if they want it invisible they can elect the choose Hide for any comment left.

Once a comment has been reviewed by an Admin, the option to Reply to a comment will appear. Clicking Reply will allow the commenter to respond directly to the comment chosen rather than the Suggestion as a whole.

The Ratings tab along the top will allow an admin to review the ratings that have been submitted for a Suggestion. Anonymous submissions will appear without a name.

Each ratings carries the same weight, so your average rating will be the product of the ratings provided and the number of ratings.

When you feel a Suggestion has collected enough Worker feedback or has been available for long enough, you can use the Status in the submission to indicate progress. You can change the Status from New to Approved, Implemented, or Declined depending on how the idea has been handled.

Suggestions will still be visible to Workers at each stage even if you change the status, so if you want the Suggestions to lapse from Worker view after they have been handled, you can either choose to toggle the visibility for the Suggestion to Hidden or you can Archive it.

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