Using PowerPoint files for Training

The ins and outs of using PowerPoint files in Workhub

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With our custom course building tool, you can upload PowerPoint files as your lesson content. While we allow this, it's not the best way to build a custom course. Microsoft has added the ability to embed PowerPoints with reduced functionality through OneDrive. Your company must have a OneDrive to do this, but you will need to upload the PowerPoint into one drive and follow these instructions to get embed code that you will copy into the "iFrame" option for a custom lesson. If you upload a PowerPoint directly into Workhub the user will be prompted to download the file and view it. This isn't ideal as we can't track them as having actually viewed it.

As another option, you can still build your training in PowerPoint but we recommend exporting it to video from PowerPoint. Once in video format, you can upload it to Workhub where it will be embedded directly on the page when a worker views it, or better yet you can upload it to a private YouTube channel and embed the link into Workhub. This is advantageous for the reason that YouTube is really good at optimizing video for poor internet connections. It will auto adjust the quality to make sure it can play as smoothly as possible. If you upload a possibly 200mb file into Workhub, your workers have to download all that data to view the video. 

If your company blocks YouTube at work you can ask them if it's possible to whitelist certain URL's on YouTube, specifically the ones for the content you've hosted.

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