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Upload Interactive PowerPoint Slides to a Custom Course
Upload Interactive PowerPoint Slides to a Custom Course
Updated over a week ago

Not everyone may be able to use this method due to certain browser and security restrictions. However, if you would like to upload your PowerPoint slides as an interactive custom training within Workhub, the following steps can guide you through the process:

1. Open your PowerPoint document using the Microsoft 365 web platform (Home | Microsoft 365) instead of the app to access the embed option.

2. Sign in with your Microsoft credentials and upload the PowerPoint document you wish to add to your course.

3. Go to the File menu and select the Share option.

4. Look out for the Embed option, which will pop up a fresh page with a preview of your slides. You can tweak the dimensions and, of course, copy the embed code you need.

5. Copy the embed code and navigate to your Custom Course page in Workhub.

7. To add the PowerPoint slides as a lesson, click on the Create New Lesson tab.

8. Paste the previously copied Embed Code into the Iframe Link field.

9. Don't forget to give your lesson a name, specify the Run Time, and make sure to hit that save button. You don't want to lose your hard work!

10. It is essential to include at least one quiz question in the lesson.

Remember, it is important to set the permissions for the shared file accordingly, allowing anyone who clicks on the link to access it without any hassle. Happy uploading!

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