Setting up a Form Frequency

Form frequencies determine how often you expect to see forms submitted for either Assets or Locations.

Updated over a week ago

From your Admin dashboard, click on Other Forms, then select the form you want to set a frequency for.

You'll see the Assignments & Frequency tab at the top. This tab allows you to assign forms to specific assets and locations. Within this tab, you'll come across two assignment options: Asset Assignment and Location Assignment.

The asset assignment screen provides a list of your assets, while the location assignment screen displays available locations. In this section, you have the ability to set the frequency for your forms using three options: N/A, Optional, and Required. Choosing N/A for asset frequency will make the form unavailable for workers to submit for that particular asset. Optional means that workers can choose to submit the form if they wish, but it is not mandatory. On the other hand, when you select Required, you can specify a frequency at which workers must submit the form for that item.

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