If you're new to form tools, Google Forms is the best one to test out because it's free. Functionality is extremely limited and the setup is a bit clunky to get the forms into Workhub, but we can't fault Google too much since they're offering this for free. If you find the setup confusing, try out a free trial of any of the other form tools in our knowledge base.

First, create a Google Drive account. Once active, click the Create button and select Form.

Build your form with the drag and drop options as provided:

After you are done adding fields. You`ll want to click on Responses and select the spreadsheet icon:

Rename the spreadsheet to your FormID=## from the form category in Workhub:

In the spreadsheet menu, click Tools >> Script Editor...

Replace the existing function by pasting the following into the Code.gs tab: https://gist.github.com/matticusfinch/1459cbd8bf0aa053c1ff0c4fc6f73ecc
This script sets up the functionality to send submission data to webforms@safetysync.com. If you want to add another email to notify add it directly after the webforms@safetysync.com email, separated by a comma and a space.

Once added, head to Edit>>Current Project Triggers

Once the G Suite Developer Hub loads click:

in the bottom right. Set the following options and save your changes:

There may be a fail message appear if you have popups blocked. You will need to enable popups so that Google can confirm they have permission to email on your behalf.

To give your workers access to the form directly from SafetySync, head back to the spreadsheet page, click Form >> Go to live form. Copy the URL and paste this into the form details page in SafetySync.

Some issues to watch out for as you start building more and more forms: if you copy forms and rename them to save time and remove questions within the form you must also remove the matching columns in the spreadsheet. The form will submit but the email won't go out because the script is confused by extra columns that aren't part of the form questions.

You can't have extra data in any of the cells on the spreadsheet outside of what the form populates. When the form is submitted the script will, again, be confused about extra cells that have data in them.

Sound a little confusing? It is Free :)

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