Forms in Workhub is a great place to house and administer forms used for your safety operations. Examples include:

  • Hazard ID Report

  • Inspection Checklist

  • Safety Meeting Minutes

  • Emergency Drill

  • Toolbox Talks

Note: Although Workhub is designed for maintaining safety records, there is no boundary to the type of form that can be uploaded to the system. Common non-safety uses include payroll timesheets, purchase orders, etc.

Forms are essentially recordkeeping templates (blank documents with the structure you expect). Workers can be given access to these forms, which they use to fill in the information, at which point it becomes a Submission.

Note: forms can be in multiple formats including:

  • Web forms/Mobile forms

  • Excel

  • Word

  • PDF

Workhub recommends Web forms/Mobile forms as the preferred method of submission due to ease of use, extended functionality, field use, etc.

From your Admin portal, click on Forms

At the top right corner, Click the Add New button, then Form.

There are two choices for adding a form:

  1. Upload your existing form by clicking on the Start from Blank Form button.

  2. Select an existing form from the list of templates. Note: These can later be edited or replaced. Selecting the template from the list will bring you to the form which you can edit. 

If starting from a blank form you will see the page below.

Name your form and if you make it active it will be available to workers upon saving.

If you choose to share approved records, any submitted records that have been approved will be available for all workers to view in My Portal. The same applies if you choose to share unapproved records.

You also have the option to set a form category to Auto Approve, this means that submitted records no longer need to be verified by an admin and instead get processed automatically.

Leave an optional description that will let workers know when and why to fill this form out.

If you have our Rewards program turned on you can set the number of points to award for each approved record to the person listed as having filled it in to recognize their effort. 

Lastly, upload your document from your computer or link it to a web form using the URL your form tool provides you.

Click Save Changes and you're done!

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