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Getting started with Automatic Form Submissions
Getting started with Automatic Form Submissions

Send your completed forms into Workhub and have them show up in your system automatically

Updated over a week ago

Forms can be uploaded and sent into our system in various ways but the logic behind all automatic submissions is pretty constant.

Step One - Sending the Submission to the right spot

All forms to be automatically processed should be either sent to [email protected] or faxed (yes, some people still have them) to 1-888-308-8804. For users of our old Workhub software, the email addresses you have set up already will still work but we do suggest moving to the new address whenever convenient.

Step Two - Making sure the Submission gets attached to the right Form

When we automatically process a Submission, we are looking for one of two things, a FormID in a subject line, or a barcode in the details. Each are unique to the Form type you are sending in a submission for so make sure you have the right one!

The preferred method is the FormID. If you look at the Form details you have setup inside Workhub, you will see it listed, in this case it is FormID=81508

Make sure that there are no spaces, and that you leave a space between that and any other information you are including in the subject line. If your email includes an attachment, that is what will be used as the submission itself.

The second option is the barcode. You can copy and save the image from the same Form details page inside Workhub, and make sure you include it in the document you are sending through.

Step Three - what are you submitting

If you are sending through email, each attachment will be treated as a separate submission to be processed inside Workhub. You can send as many as you like attached to a single message as long as the total size is under 10 MB.

If you are using the barcode method, every time the system sees the barcode it will process from that page a separate item, so if you have a 6-page fax and you have a barcode on the first and third page, you will see two submissions when it shows up in Workhub.

More Stuff - check out this article about adding extra details into your email to enhance the automatic submission process.

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